Welcome to the volunteer section of our website.

We are so glad that you are considering volunteering to add to the enrichment of the lives of the older adults who call Columbine Health Systems their home.

We know that you are hoping that by your volunteering - you will make a difference in another's life. What you will also find - volunteering will change your life!

Our older adults have lived long and plentiful lives. They have the wisdom of the ages. And, they are very happy to share with you their experiences, knowledge, humor, and insight.

Because we have eleven different facilities in our continuum - you will have the opportunity to meet older adults with similar interests as your own. Or maybe you are adventurous and you want to learn about new interests. One thing is for sure - you will definitely make friends with individuals of a very different era and age than yourself!

We encourage you to choose volunteering in areas that really interest you or pick activities that you feel are most deserving of your time.

Please complete an application. List what your talents and interests are. We will chat with you and work to help you find the best fit for you AND for our older adults.

Please note an applicant may be disqualified from any Columbine Health Systems facility based on these disqualifying criminal offenses.

Thank you for choosing to share YOU with US!

Contact us here with any questions.