CHAPLAINS - A Supportive Presence

Chaplains in Fort Collins, Loveland & Windsor, CO

We Affirm Spiritual Care as an Integral Part of Health Care

Our mission is to care for each person by understanding and responding to their spiritual, religious, and emotional needs.

Chaplains can serve residents, family members, friends of residents, and staff by:

  • Being present with you during transitions, stress, grief, or crisis
  • Sharing in joys and celebrations
  • Discerning challenging decisions
  • Contacting personal clergy or support person
  • Arranging for sacraments and rituals
Clergy Notification

You are invited to provide us with your religious preference and faith community so we can best accommodate your needs. We encourage your own clergy to visit you. Chaplains can contact your clergy or support person upon your request. Beyond the support from your own faith tradition, our chaplains offer visits, prayer, and care.

Religious Rituals and Worship

We are delighted to arrange religious rituals for various faith traditions. If the chaplain is unable to assist, we can contact someone of your tradition. Worship services are offered at the Columbine facilities. Contact staff in your facility for the schedule of these services.

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