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The Windsor - Our Newest Facility

The Windsor Independent Living Facility is conveniently located in the heart of Windsor at the corner of 14th and Main Street. The Windsor provides two different floor plans– one bedroom/one bath and two bedroom/two bath. With only 31 apartments, the unique size offers an intimate and family-oriented living environment where friendships and connections are easy to make. See more details here.

csu logoMajor projects, many resulting from donor generosity, are depicted on a new website: As the site illustrates, the physical transformation of campus has aded more than 4 million square feet in facilities dedicated to teaching, research, and engagement, amounting to the largest construction boom in more than 50 years. (excerpt from CSU Matters newsletter)

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Welcome to the Columbine Health Systems
Center for Healthy Aging

The Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging is a catalyst for interdisciplinary research and evidence-based outreach and education about healthy aging. As a community-engaged center, we aim to be a premier local, regional, and nationally-recognized resource for discovery and application of research on biological, cognitive, psychological, social, and behavioral factors that lead to healthy and successful aging.