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What are the requirements to enter the FCCPE program?

The Fort Collins Clinical Pastoral Education program shall not discriminate against any individual for reasons of race, color, national origin, sex, age, physical disability, sexual orientation, faith group or military status. Equal access to educational opportunities is extended to all qualified persons. All who participate in FCCPE are expected to assist in making this policy valid in fact.

This policy notwithstanding, all students accepted in the program shall be able with reasonable accommodation to physically and emotionally perform the duties as described in the Student Handbook. All students must be open to learning, change and growth.

Currently FCCPE offers a one-year CPE Residency program that provides the opportunity to complete three units of CPE.

Program requirements for the CPE Residency:

1. A completed ACPE application, including required attachments and documentation. Find an application form at

2. Completion of one previous unit of CPE. (Consideration may be given to applicants who have not completed a unit of CPE but have had equivalent experience in a ministry or helping profession context).

3. Theological education, Master’s level preferred.

4. Completion of two additional written requirements:
• An essay describing the applicant’s experience in providing ministry/service to diverse populations of people (1 page).
• An essay describing the applicant’s interest and/or preference for ministry in FCCPE’s three pastoral contexts of campus ministry, senior care ministry, and health care ministry (1 page).

5. Favorable admissions interview by an ACPE Certified Educator or other qualified interviewer.

6. Acceptance into the educational group by an ACPE Certified Educator.

There is no application fee.