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Candidate Admission Qualifications

  1. Minimum age, 17 years. If under 18, must have signed consent form from parent/guardian.

  2. Expresses interest in people without exclusions.

  3. Has a positive attitude toward the elderly.

  4. Expresses the desire to be a caregiver.

  5. Obtains a Background Check with no disqualifying events.

  6. Reads, writes, comprehends, and speaks English well enough to communicate effectively with residents and members of the health care team.

  7. Expresses ability to distinguish smells, tastes, and a range of temperatures from hot to cold.

  8. Understands the importance of confidentiality of information.

  9. Expresses ability to walk and stand during most of an 8 hour shift.

  10. Expresses ability to squat, sit, bend to waist level and also the floor, and reach above the shoulders using good body mechanics.


Candidate Course Completion Qualifications

  1. Federal law requires completion of a minimum of 75 hours of instruction to include no less than 16 hours of classroom instruction and no less than 16 hours of clinical instruction under the direct supervision of an RN or LPN. This is a 92 hour program which includes 72 hours in class/lab with 20 hours of clinical work.

  2. Finishes all required work as outlined in the syllabus.

  3. Passes the class and completes all 20 hours of clinical training.

  4. Successfully completes the skills training and knowledge comprehension tasks as demonstrated by turning in a completed skills checklist.

  5. Successfully meets the Terminal Competencies for the program as listed on the skills checklist.

  6. Pays tuition in full.

  7. Returns gait belt, scrubs, and name tag to instructor.

  8. Completes the application to test for certification as is required by the Colorado Board of Nursing. Submits this application to the program coordinator.

    A Course Completion Affidavit will not be granted and the “Certification by Examination” application will not be submitted to Pearson-Vue until all Course Completion criteria have been met.


Candidate Dismissal

  1. Does not attend each required class session .

  2. Class grades are below the passing score of at least 75%.

  3. Failure to pass the final written exam with a score of at least 75%.

  4. Failure to pass the final skills test.

  5. Failure to attend all 20 hours of clinicals.

  6. Does not subscribe to expected classroom conduct; is disruptive, disrespectful of others, sleeping in class, or is insubordinate.

  7. Demonstrates a bias against the elderly or those of another race, religion, or nationality.

  8. Student will be dismissed from the program if they provide any service/skill for the resident/client during clinical practice that they have not been trained for and/or found to be proficient by the instructor prior to performing the service/skill.