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What are your visiting hours?
We don't have restricted visiting hours. For evening visitation, the exterior doors may be locked, so please ring the doorbell.
Is Wii Fi available?
Yes, Wii Fi is available upon request.
Do you take credit cards?
Not at this time.
Who do I contact if I want to share a meal with my loved one while at the facility?
We prefer reservations 24 hours in advance for any guest meal, but will do our best to accommodate you with less notice. A guest meal ticket may be purchased at the front office.
What transportation do you offer your residents?
Our fleet of 14 vans and buses, offer residents rides to medical appointments, church services, and group activities.
What is the activities department?
The activities department provides a balance of physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual activity for residents. We encourage the residents to fulfill these needs within his/her abilities, interests, passions, and limitations.

Facility Information

When should I move my loved one into New Mercer? How will I know when the timing is right?
Once an individual is starting to need assistance with activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, grooming, medication reminders), it may be a relief, as well as give them piece of mind, to have caregivers available 24 hours a day. Often times once people move into our assisted living facilities, they say, "Why didn't I move in sooner?"
Are the rooms at the assisted livings furnished?
They are not furnished and the resident/family are responsible for furnishing the apartment. The facility provides toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap. The family and resident are responsible for other personal care products such as shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.
What kind of lease am I committing to when I move my loved one into your assisted living facility?
Our assisted living lease agreements are month to month. We require a 30- day notice if a resident is going to be moving out of the facility. If the resident is moving to a higher level of care (Skilled Nursing), the charges would stop once the furniture is moved out of the apartment.
Is medication management an additional charge?
Managing medications is included in the monthly fee. There is no additional charge for medication management.
What is included in the daily charge at your skilled nursing facilities?
The daily room rate includes wheelchairs, walkers, and personal hygiene supplies. Additional charges include; medications, oxygen, barber/beauty shop, resident personal outings, and for some medical supplies.
What happens to my parent(s) when they are no longer appropriate for Independent Living?
When the time comes to move to Assisted Living, we will help make the transition as easy as possible. As part of the Columbine family, you will always be given priority for an apartment at one of our assisted living facilities.

Resident Care

My loved one is going to have a surgery soon and will needs services to be able to return home safely. Do you offer short-term rehab stays or just long term care services?
We provide short term rehabilitation services and will care for your loved one as he or she undergoes physical or occupational therapy, or speech language pathology. We will also provide you with a discharge planner to aid in planning and setting up services/resources for your transition home.
Do you offer medication management assistance?
Yes, medication is stored and administered by staff for residents.
How much therapy will my family member receive?
The answer depends upon many factors. These include; your family member's diagnosis, age, and tolerance for activity and therapy. Generally 1-2 hours per day with up to three (3) therapy disciplines (Physical, Occupational, and Speech Language) involved. Therapy is based on the need and patients physical stamina/energy. Therapy can be provided from 5 to 7 days a week, also based upon the above factors.
What type of therapy equipment do you carry?
We carry a wide variety of therapy equipment, from walkers, to braces, strengthening equipment, etc.
Am I the only one who has incontinence?
Millions of people experience the loss of voluntary control of bladder and bowel and there are many causes. Through the Incontinence Solutions Program, we help people seek medical evaluation and then possible treatment. If this is not successful, there are many quality products that can be worn comfortably and discretely to help cope with the problem.
What is the Incontinence Solutions Program?
The Incontinence Solutions program is a personalized service that includes education, home consultation and fitting based on need. There are no-cost samples to choose the best product for each individual. We also provide home delivery, monthly billing and on going support and assistance.
Can we take our family member out of the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) for lunch or other outings?
If your family member is well enough to leave the SNF during their Medicare or insurance rehab stay, you may risk loosing your Medicare or insurance coverage. Please check with social services to obtain a pass from your doctor to leave the facility for limited outings
Can I bring my medication from home into the facility?
We have our own pharmacy and must use medications from the pharmacy so that we are able to track where the medications have come from for safety purposes.
What types of therapy do you offer?
We offer Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Language Pathology.
What does infusion mean?
It is giving medication that can not be absorbed as efficiently, orally, into the vein. Also, some medications are available only in intravenous (IV) form.
How is the IV medication prepared?
All intravenous (IV) therapies are aseptically (sterile) prepared in a clean room by a trained pharmacy technician/or a Pharmacist.
Who does the infusions and monitors the IV therapies at your Ambulatory Infusion Centre?
We have registered nurses who specialize in infusion therapy who administer the medications. The Pharmacist monitors and evaluates the therapies to ensure adequate safe therapy outcomes for each patient. There is always a pharmacist available to answer any pharmacy question you may have about your IV therapy.
What is BLOOM at Home Non-medical Home Care?
BLOOM at Home provides in home services such as personal care, which includes bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting assistance and medication reminders, to name a few. We also provide companionship services, which include meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping, plant and pet care, running errands and much more.
Where and when are BLOOM at Home services available?
We serve much of the Northern Colorado Front Range area including Fort Collins, Loveland. and Windsor, north to Wellington and south to Johnstown. We are able to provide our services for as little as 2 hours per visit or as much as 24/7. We strive to provide the services to meet customer needs where they need it and when they need it.
How do you define "Homebound"?
You are considered homebound if it requires considerable and taxing effort to leave the home. A person requiring the assistance of another person to leave the home would be a good example of considerable effort.
Do I need to have a qualifying hospital stay to be eligible for home health services?
You do not need a qualifying stay to be eligible. The criteria you need to meet are 1) being homebound, 2) having a skilled need, and 3) having a physician order for home health care.

Medicare / Insurance

Do you take Medicaid?
Columbine Health Systems is one of the largest Medicaid providers in northern Colorado. We have skilled nursing facilities, an assisted living, home care, and medical equipment company who are all able to take Medicaid.
Will you help me to submit required paperwork to my Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance Policy?
We are available to assist with providing any documentation required by your LTC Policy activate the claim. On a monthly basis, we submit a copy of the statement from the previous month along with any attestation forms the LTC Insurance Policy may require.
Does insurance cover bathroom equipment?
Medicare does not cover bathroom equipment, but Medicaid will cover bathroom equipment. For other insurances, coverage will depend upon your coverage plan. We are more then willing to research your plan to help determine your coverage.
Does Medicare cover mobility equipment?
Medicare may cover mobility equipment If you meet the Medicare coverage criteria. Also note, Medicare will only pay for one (1) mobility item every five (5) years, in most cases.
Are products for incontinence covered by Medicare or insurance?
Unfortunately, incontinence products are not covered by Medicare or insurance. Having a quality product that you can count on is the real value of our program. Samples to try before purchasing a whole pack can save money, ensure best fit, and appropriate absorbency. Our products are delivered without any additional delivery fee. We also help check inventory so clients do not run out of product.
Are BLOOM at Home services covered by Medicare or Medicaid?
Our services are private pay only. Medicare does not have a benefit for non-medical services. Medicaid does have a program for those who qualify for the program based upon overall income. For Medicaid information please visit or call 1-800-221-3943.

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