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RNs & LPNs Come
Work For Us!

Columbine Health Systems is Growing
in Northern Colorado

What our nurses are saying:
“I work for Columbine Health Systems because I can give families the comfort and permission to go back to being the son or daughter they should be and not have to be their mom or dad’s caregiver. I work for Columbine Commons because a day never goes by that I don’t feel like a resident has touched my life and that I, hopefully, have touched theirs.”         Shan, RN

“I work at Columbine because here I am embraced by a team-centered culture.”      Christine, RN

“I love working with Columbine Health Systems because everyone is always willing to help each other out. The staff works hard to make you feel a part of the team and this truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for and supporting each other.”      Courtney, RN