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What is Clinical Pastoral Education?

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Clinical Pastoral Education, or CPE, is an interfaith graduate-level educational program in spiritual care. Using the action/reflection/action model, CPE is nationally recognized as the highest standard for spiritual care education in a clinical setting by the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, Inc. The ACPE Accreditation Commission is recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), U.S. Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education.

The Value of Clinical Pastoral Education:

• Enhancing spirituality care skills especially in multi-faith contexts

• Becoming a certified chaplain for military, hospitals, prisons, and businesses

• Strengthening and fulfilling religious ordination or counseling requirements

CPE has two levels. CPE Level I is a pre-requisite for continuation to the CPE Level II curriculum units.

CPE Level I (400 hours) develops basic awareness, skill, and competencies in:

• The use of a clinical method for learning spiritual care

• Understanding the role and relevance of spiritual care in the clinical setting

• Self and interpersonal-awareness of the ways in which one's history, values, and attitudes shape and limit spiritual care

• Obtaining confidence in functioning in a spiritual care role

CPE Level II (1200 hours) develops advanced awareness, skills, and competencies in:

• Spiritual assessment

• Spiritual care and counseling

• Functioning as a member of an intra-disciplinary and interdisciplinary team                                                  See Our Brochure

Why Become a
CPE Student with Us?

Whether you are interested in general spiritual care training or in a specialty, you will find a supportive and empowering environment to fulfill your personal and/or career goals. Our partnership between a world-class research university and two award-winning local health care providers enables your involvement in the latest research and practical application of spirituality and health.

  With such diverse spiritual care needs among university students, hospital patients, and Long Term Care residents, learning opportunities are abundant.

  Our program offers clinical rotations with diverse care areas including:

Colorado State University: student spiritual identity, grief/loss, resiliency, and mindfulness

Columbine Health Systems: all levels of long-term care, healthy aging, and end-of-life care

UCHealth - Poudre Valley Hospital: general hospital care, emergency care, and mental health

The Partnership

Columbine Health Systems, Colorado State University, and UCHealth have been partners since 1971. The partnership spans nearly five decades of caring for citizens in our community and working together to educate future caregivers. Construction of the Health and Medical Center on the campus of Colorado State University is currently underway. Included in the facility are primary care, student health services, occupational health, and the Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging.

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A New Start

• In 2015, funding was given by the three partners for the creation of a multi-site CPE program.

• In 2016, a supervisor will be hired. Our CPE program will be accredited through the ACPE as a satellite of CPE, UCHealth School of Medicine.

• In 2017, we will receive our first year of Unit I and Unit II students.

Also in 2017, the new state-of-the-art Health and Medical Center will open. CPE will interact in this building, which is all within 2 miles of CSU, UCHealth’s Poudre Valley Hospital and Columbine Health Systems.

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